The Best Drumming Gifs on the Internet

I love gifs. I especially love drumming gifs. Here is a collection of some of the best drumming gifs I could find:

1. We all love Questlove, so why wouldn’t we love him in Gif form?

Questlove Gif


2. Who doesn’t want to see Ringo Starr in a killer jacket showing off his skills?

Ringo Starr Gif


3. This ones for all of you double pedal fans.

Double Pedal Gif


4. This is one of the more dangerous gifs I’ve seen. Do not try this at home! Although, practice does make perfect…

Fire Drumming Gif


5. Luke Holland of the metalcore band The World Alive shows us all why learning to spin your sticks is not a waste of time

Luke Holland World Alive Gif


6. Ever wonder what your drums look like in slo motion? Check this one out

Slow Mo Drums Gif


7. Warrant drummer Steven Sweet might have taken the name of the song “Cherry Pie” a little too literally…

Cherry Pie Gif


8. Steven Bladd of the J Geils Band tricks us pretty good with his milk drums.

Steven Bladd Milk Drums


9. This young drummer will never cease to impress me. He’s got a killer drum face too!

Kid Drummer Gif


10. AJ Pero of the glam rock group Twisted Sister shows everyone just how fabulous drumming really can be!

Glitter Smash Aj Pero Twisted Sister Gif


11. Travis Barker is just plain cool. Gotta love that tall hi-hat and low snare drum setup.

Travis Barker Gif


12. Donny Baldwin of Jefferson Starship shows us all how we built this city on Rock and Roll.

Donny Baldwin Gif


13. Bonzo and his signature Ludwig Vistalite drum setup. If only it was standard for all drummers to play with a gong behind them…

John Bonham Drumming Gif


14. This is easily one of the most impressive gif’s I’ve ever seen. Pat Wilson of the band Weezer effortlessly catches a frisbee during a live performance without skipping a beat. Not sure how to practice for that one though…

Pat Wilson catching a frisbee


Have any great drumming gifs of your own? Post them in the comment section below!

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