Tuning Drums – Tune The Best Snare Drum With the Udo Masshoff Method

If you’re frustrated by tuning drums, you aren’t alone. There is an art to making a drum sound great, and like so many other parts of music, tuning your drum kit needs to be practiced. At the heart and soul of any drum sound is the snare. It’s the most audible piece on the kit, and also the most versatile.

A snare drum can either make a kit sound great, or awful. Learning to get the best snare drum sound possible is important. Luckily, the “drum tuning guru” Udo Masshoff has a handy new trick to share with everyone.

Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2 Review – Jojo Mayer

I’m sure you’ve heard about Jojo Mayer’s latest DVD, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2” by now. Jojo is one of today’s top drummers, and definitely one of the best educators out right now. When he puts out any new instructional material, people listen.

This DVD is a sequel to his first in the series titled, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer”, which focuses on a huge array of hand techniques. If you haven’t checked out his first DVD, you probably should (because it’s incredible). But what’s the deal with his second one? Here is a review of Jojo Mayer’s second DVD, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2”.

Video: Travis Orbin of the Band Darkest Hour in Session

Check out the metal/prog drummer Travis Orbin of the Darkest Hour Band absolutely destroy a drum session! From the looks of the video and reading the description, it looks like this is a preliminary recording session for a side project of Orbin’s called Cartoon Theory, on the song “Wizardy Mind”.

From the description, you can tell that Orbin is pumped on the song, and is even taking notes for improvement.

Video: Larnell Lewis with Snarky Puppy

Yo guys, Yes again, Snarky puppy is releasing some incredible music! This time taking a break from using their usual drummer Sput Searight, Snarky Puppy uses Larnell Lewis, the relative newcomer from Toronto, Ontario. This guy is something else!

Crazy chops and a solid pocket. Here is a new video of Larnell Lewis with Snarky Puppy on the tune “What About me” from their newest CD/DVD release “We Like it Here”.

As usual, these guys are playing some great music, but check out Larnell’s insane solo at 5:12. This dudes got it!

How to Make a Great Drum Cover Video

Drum cover videos have been circulating around YouTube for a while now. If you’ve checked out our Video’s Page, you probably have seen at least one great drum cover videos yourself. The first one I remember watching was Travis Barker playing along to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That“.

Unfortunately, I found that video to be a bit of a joke, and I brushed off the idea of videoing yourself playing drums to other artist’s music. What I should have done was give Travis praise for blazing the way for drummers to show off their skills to such a huge worldwide audience.

Since then, the popularity of the YouTube drum cover video has increased dramatically. Some of them may not be worth watching, while others are just downright cool. So how do you make a great drum cover video in the first place?

Video: Agitation with Tony Williams and Miles Davis, 1967

Tony Williams has always been, and will always be one of my favorite drummers. His intensity, speed, and tone have yet to be matched by any drummer alive today.

This is a fantastic video of Tony Williams with Miles Davis in his famous second quintet on the tune Agitation. The original song can be heard on Miles Davis’ record ESP, recorded in 1965 with the same group. At the time of the video, it was 1967, and Tony Williams was only 22 years old.