21 of the Coolest Gifts for Drummers – Christmas 2018 Edition

Finding good Christmas gifts for drummers can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.  But don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place because I actually am a drummer! I may not know what presents everyone wants, but I can at least tell you what sort of loot I’d like to receive. Here is a compiled list of some cool gifts ideas in 2017 that every drummer would want. I’ve also thrown in a few novelty gifts for the drummer who has everything, but might like something unique, fun, or personalized.

These are gift ideas for your drummer boyfriend or girlfriend, father, sister, mother, grandma, or anyone else you can think of. I’m sure you’ll find something they’ll love.

1. Tama Rhythm Watch

buy tama rhythm watch rw 200I’ll put this at the top of the list because quite honestly, every drummer needs a good metronome. If the person you’re searching for doesn’t already own one, they’ll need one eventually, if not now.

The Tama Rhythm Watch RW 200 is one of the top metronomes for drummers. It’s well known, well reviewed, and has been recently improved upon and redesigned.

This device features a headphone jack (for hearing over those loud drums), programmable memory, multiple adjustable wheels and knobs, and is easily mountable with another attachment.

All drummers need metronomes, so you might as well pick up a quality one while you’re at it

Price: $89.99

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2. Meinl Designer Stick Bag

buy meinl designer stick bagsIf there is one thing every drummer needs, it’s a place to put all of their sticks. Drummers tend to use a lot of different types of sticks, and it’s important to have a place for all of them.

Stick bags can range in quality, durability, design, and cost. It’s important to check through the reviews to know exactly what you’re getting.

This Meinl designer stick bag is cheap, durable, practical, and looks pretty cool (which is awesome). It also comes in standard black if you’re not sure.

Drummers will usually go through two stick bags a year, so having another one handy is never a bad thing.

Price: $19.99

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3. Zildjian Cymbal Bag

buy zildjian cymbal bag packpackIf the person you’re buying for already has a stick bag, they are probably also looking for a quality cymbal bag. Other than sticks, the things that drummers gather the most of are cymbals.

Drummers will need to take at least a few cymbals to every gig, and the others need to be stored safely when not in use. So owning multiple cymbals bags is a common occurrence, which means you really can’t go wrong with a cymbal bag as a gift.

This cymbal bag from Zildjian is perfect. It’s tough and durable, and it has backpack straps! Trust me, carrying cymbals with your hands is a huge pain. Being able to carry the cymbals on your back is a welcomed idea, and it allows free hands for carrying other equipment.

Zildjian happens to also be the industry leader in cymbal production, so it goes without saying that they would design a quality cymbal bag to go along with it.

Price: $39.99

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4. Gator Standard Soft Drum Cases

buy gator standard drum bagsYou’d be surprised by how many drummers are not carrying their drums around in cases. It is important to protect drums with cases, especially since they are expensive pieces of equipment.

If you have made the investment into a nice set of drums, or even a junky set of drums, it is very important to protect them so they will last longer. Drum bags help keep the drum shells from getting scratched, chipped, or dented. They also help keep the drums clean, and make packing easier.

Additionally, if you know of a drummer that owns a lot of different kits, it is important that they protect their equipment while they are not using it. Dust, overexposure to sun, and any sort of other scenarios can cause damage to a kit that is just lying around.

These soft bags by Gator are of a higher quality than other cases of the same price range. Gator has come a long way in producing quality cases, and this new line proves it. Remember that you will need as many cases as you have drums, and you will also need the right sizes before you buy.

Price: $139.99

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5. Shure SE215 Isolating Ear Phones

Buy Shure SE215 Isolating HeadphonesFor drummers, ear protection is so important. Drums are loud, and prolonged exposure to the volumes that drums can produce can have very serious and lasting effects on hearing.

When I practice, I always use ear protection. However, sometimes I also like to practice to music. This is why the Shure SE215 isolating ear phones are my go to practice tool.

Not only are they very high end ear phones for listening to music, but they also double as ear protection helping cut out many of the harmful frequencies that drums can produce.

These particular ear phones are so great because they are designed to be used as in-ear monitors for drumming on stage. If you know of a drummer that uses click tracks and metronomes on stage, or is just in a loud band, then this would make a perfect gift.

In ear monitors can range in price and end up costing a ton, but the 215’s are a perfect introduction. The sound the ear phones produce is top notch and many professional drummers still swear by them even with all of the other fancy options available. They are also very durable and the cables can be replaced without having to buy a completely new pair.

These ear phones now come in multiple colors and there is even a blue tooth, Wireless version available. For the price, the Shure SE215’s are a drummer’s best friend and make an excellent gift.

Price Wired Version: $99.00

Price Wireless Version: $149.00

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6. Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt

buy electronic drum kit tshirtThis is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen before. The electronic drum kit t-shirt from Think Geek is fully playable by tapping on the drum pads.

Yes, again, this shirt actually makes noises when you tap it. Not only that, but it has multiple different sounds that correspond to the different parts of the drum kit.

I actually own this shirt myself, and I find that it makes an amazing ice breaker, and is usually a huge hit at parties. It’s like having a fully functional drum kit right on your shirt.

This gift is perfect for most ages, including children. The shirt can be washed, but you’ll have to remove the electronics before getting it wet. The shirt also only comes in one size, so if you have a very young drummer, it may be a little too large for them to wear.

This shirt is really fun to play with, but if you are not a fan of unwanted strangers poking your chest, you may want to leave this one behind. 

Price: $49.95

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7. Drumlite: LED Drum Lighting System

buy drumlite ropelights for drumsThe only thing cooler than your set of Ludwig Vistalite drums is a set up LIGHT-UP Vistalite drums! If you’re drummer is looking to add a little flair to their stage performances, you’ll want to check out this LED rope light system from Drumlite.

Essentially, the product is just a series of lights on a small band that attach to the rim of the drum. It’s a subtle idea, but when you turn on the lights, it looks really cool.

The lights plug directly into a single controller through xlr cables. The controller then plugs into a wall outlet. This system allows for the most minimal use of cables and hence limits frustration with setup.

Each drumlite comes preprogrammed with 8 different colors: red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan, and purple. Additonally, you can set the lights to flash, move from color to color, or even fade in and out. Everything is controlled with a wireless remote.

Setup is pretty simple, and there are no tools required. Each light is set to a specific size for each drum. You’ll want to make sure that the drums are using either clear or white heads, as the lights might not show up through darker ones.

Of course, the products come in a bunch of different packages, so you’ll need to make sure that you have the right sizes, and know how many lights you’ll want. You can either buy a set with a single light, or 2 lights per drum.

Here is a list all the available sizes and types that you can buy:

Single Rope Lights:

Dual Rope Lights:

Price: $95.00 – 350.00

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8. Drumstick Cooking Spoons

Buy Drumstick SpoonsHere is a creative idea for the “domestic drummer”. These drum stick spoons from Fred are a hilarious way to cook food and are perfect for drummers.

The package comes with a set of two spoon and made with real wood. One of the spoons is slotted with a cool music note making it easier to drain water. The spoons are reusable, and can be washed multiple times.

This particular item is a very good seller on Amazon and are inexpensive. I also have a pair myself and I use them all the time.

If you know of a drummer that likes to cook, you might as well give them drumstick wooden spoons. These spoons are pretty cheap, very funny, and make a great gift idea for drummers.

Price: $10.99

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9. GoPro Hero 7 Black, Silver, and White

Buy GoPro Hero 6 BlackWhy I would place a camera on this list? Depending on the drummer, this GoPro Hero 7 Black could make their Christmas.

These days, promoting yourself as a drummer online is more important than ever, and that means good quality videos. There are literally thousands of drum covers on YouTube now, and more are being posted everyday. I use a GoPro for much of my Instagram videos, and am very happy with the quality and ease of use I get from it.

If you know of a drummer that is looking to make a few drum covers, or just record themselves playing, I can’t think of a more practical tool than the GoPro Hero 7. It’s small, portable, and takes great looking HD quality video. Additionally, the Hero 7 has very good audio compression and allows for useable sound quality right out of the camera’s microphone.

Go Pro recently released 3 versions of the Hero 7: Black, Silver, and White. The price difference between them is large, and the differences are a bit confusing. The Black comes in at $400, Silver at $229, and White at $179.

In short, the Black will provide the best color grading (only model with ProTune), shoots in 4K60, allows slow motion, live steaming, and has 3 microphones. The Silver is capable of 4K30, but only has 2 microphones without ProTune, and the White can only shoot in 1080p also with 2 mics and no ProTune.

In my opinion, as much as I appreciate the lower prices of the Silver and White versions, I wouldn’t recommend them for drumming purposes. The White only shoots in 1080, which is quickly becoming less than optimal, and neither of them allow SloMo. Neither of them have removable batteries, and do not have an external mic input, while the Black has all of those features.

If you just want to use the Silver or White camera as is right out of the box, you will be able to get away with it. However, if you’re looking to upgrade the camera even a little bit with external mics or HDMI outs, you’re going to have trouble unless you go with the Black model.

If you’re still unsure, you can compare all the models on the GoPro website.

Please remember that you will need to purchase a micro SD card to go along with the GoPro if you wish to save any footage. SD cards come in many sizes ranging from: 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb, and are fairly inexpensive.

Price GoPro Hero 7 Black: $396.73
Price GoPro Hero 7 Silver: $229.00
Price GoPro Hero 7 White: $179.00

Price Range SD Card: $12.95 – $42.95

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10. Big Fat Snare Drum

buy big fat snare drumThis item has been blowing up the internet over the past couple years, and for good reason. It is the easiest way to make your snare drums sound big and fat with next to no effort.

The Big Fat Snare Drum is a thin plastic disk that can be placed directly on your snare drum. Due to it’s design, the fundamental pitch of the snare will be instantly lowered when used. It can be used to recreate the drum sounds of old vintage recordings where the drums had lower tunings, more muffling, and fatter tones.

The BFSD makes an excellent gift for any drummer because it is quickly becoming a necessary piece of equipment. Drummers can either take the time, effort, and money to use two snare drums, or they can simply just use this inexpensive drum hack.

It’s design is clever, it’s easy to use, and it’s cheap. I also guarantee that any drummer will know what it is right away. The BFSD also comes in multiple sizes and has a few different design options (tambourine version) and muffling preferences.

Price: $19.65

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11. Zildjian Novelty Mousepad

Buy Zildjian Mousepad For the computer nerd that also doubles as a drummer, this Zildjian 10 inch mousepad makes a pretty nice gift. It is well made, durable, and works as prescribed.

This is a standard mousepad that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, lets you use a mouse for your computer. It is also fairly inexpensive and has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

This particular pad is a replica of an 8″ A-Series splash cymbal. Most drummers will be able to recognize it right away, however don’t be fooled, the pad itself is actually 10 inches.

There is nothing like working on your computer and being reminded of all the things you love. This mousepad looks cool, works great, and makes a great gift for a drummer that likes to use a computer (and of course has a mouse).

Price: $12.91

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12. Novelty Drum Stick Pencils and Pens

Buy Drumstick PencilsIf you’re in the market for a gift to give a drummer going to school, or who just happens to like to draw or write, this gift might be the perfect choice. These drumstick pencils from Suck UK are cheap and happen to be made from sustainable wood!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been using a boring old pencil and have been trapped in a daydream where I’m drumming in front of a huge audience. Now, you can at least get a little closer to your dreams and drum with your pencils.

The gift is pretty self-explanatory, and is sure to be a pretty big hit with whoever you choose to give it to. And if you’re looking for a little diversity, Suck UK also makes drum stick pensThe pens are ballpoint, and only come in blue as of now.

Price for Pencils: $7.71

Price for Pens: $8.00

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13. Personalized Drummer iPhone Covers

Drummer iPhone Case Everyone’s got a phone, and everyone needs to keep them protected. You might as well protect them with a drum themed case of some sort.

There are a lot of different cases you can grab for an iPhone, but it makes a great gift to create a personalized one that is also drum themed. You’ll be proud give this to the drummer who you know will love it.

This personalized iPhone 7 case from SkunkWerkz is made of plastic with a brushed aluminum lining. It looks nice and allows you to laser engrave a name onto it. This make a great personalized gift to your favorite drummer. They also allow customization for the iPhone 8 as well.

For the older models 5, 5s, 6, etc.. this Keep Calm and Drum On case from Hat Shark is pretty simple, keeps the phone safe, and isn’t too expensive. Or else you could choose this Proud to be a drummer design coming in all sizes for the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPhone 6/6s, and the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus.

This is a pretty great and simple gift idea for the drummer looking to keep their phone safe.

Price Range: $7.00 for standard – $16.99 for personalized

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14. Drumming Wine Bottle Holder

Buy Drummer Wine Bottle Holder Admittedly, this thing might look a little creepy, but if you happen to know a drummer that likes to drink wine (find me one that doesn’t), then this might be the perfect gift.

I’ve seen a few of these being sold at random craft stores around the United States. They are certainly intriguing and depending on the person would make an excellent present. The only downside is that it holds the bottle vertically instead of horizontally.

This custom made wine bottle holder from Wine Bodies is something truly unique for the drummer that doesn’t need anymore practical drum tools. The design is very stylish and is made with high quality materials.

The best thing about these particular holders is that they are custom made by hand, so you will always be getting a truly unique piece. Additionally, they have gone down in price recently and are not too expensive.

If you’re looking to give a gift to a drummer that is a little bit different, this might be a great option for you.

Price: $32.99

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15. Evans Real-Feel Practice Pads

Buy Drums Practice PadDrummers need to practice (or at least they should be practicing). Sometimes though, drumming can be a little loud and obnoxious, so to keep the hands warm while staying quiet, the best solution is a drum pad.

All drummers need a drum pad at some point. They are great for warming up, and work perfectly as a way to practice when on the road.

These Real Feel practice pads from Evans are my favorite, and I consider them to be the best on the market. It’s got a nice realistic bounce, and is really quiet.

The body construction is made of wood, and the pad out of neoprene with a gum-rubber bottom. The pads come in two sizes: 6-inch (perfect for on the road practice), and 12-inch.

Additionally, if the drummer already owns the pads, Evans makes the Apprentice Practice Pad Stand that would make an excellent addition. This stand is pretty handy, and will actually work with other pad brands because of its universal thread design.

This gift is a good idea if you want to drop a hint to your next door neighbor to keep it down.

You can check out our review of the best practice pads for more information

Price: 6-inch – $19.99

Price: 12-inch – $29.99

Price: Pad Stand – $44.73

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16. Rockstix Light Up Drum Sticks

Buy Light Up Drum SticksI may be a professional drummer, but I am not above having fun. These light up drum drumsticks by Rockstix couldn’t be any more awesome.

I won’t lie, these “drum sticks” are not actually good for drumming. They are too long, too heavy, and the tone they produce is less than ideal. However, that doesn’t really matter because they light up.

I have used these sticks in the past, and they are so much fun. I love practicing with the lights off and watching them light up whenever I hit a drum.

These particular sticks change to 13 different colors as you play. They light up based on motion. They are also made of a poly carbonate plastic that is supposed to be extra durable.

Light up drum sticks make an excellent gift because they are so fun to play with. Great for a novelty gift or for a performer that deals with a lot of low light gigging situations. Depending on where they are playing, these sticks could really take a show to another level.

Price: $24.79

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17. Socksmith Novelty Drum Socks

buy drum socksWell aren’t these cute!?! There is nothing like waking up in the morning and putting on your favorite pair of socks. This is especially true if those socks happen to have drums on them!

These novelty drum socks from Socksmith are adorable, comfortable, and perfect for any drumming fanatic.

The socks are made from a poly-blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex. They fit men’s shoe sizes of 6.5-13.

The design is actually pretty cool, they are relatively cheap in price, and they also come in red! Consider picking up these socks as a little stocking stuffer (pun intended) for a drummer you know.

Price: $10.95

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18. Ugly Holiday Drummer T-Shirt

Novelty t-shirts always make a great present, and The New Drummer’s very own Ugly Holiday Drumming Tee is no exception. This shirt is perfect to grab for the holidays.

The premium quality shirt fits great and also comes in multiple colors. The shirt also comes in mens, womens, and youth sizes. It’s pretty funny too, and is sure to be a hit.

If holiday shirts aren’t your thing, there are a ton of other novelty drum t-shirts available on Amazon. We also sell a couple other designs including the what are you snaring at T-shirt, and our cool Pixel drum set design.

Most of the shirts will come in multiple colors, sizes, and fits for both male and female.

Price Range: $10.99-28.99

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19. Drum Kit Cufflinks

buy drum kit cufflinksThere is a ton of drumming jewlery on Amazon. So much in fact that I could probably make a post about it on it’s own. However, after searching through everything, I found that my favorite item of them all were these Drum Kit Cufflinks from Covink Jewelry. They’re little drum sets on your cuffs!

These links make it easy to show everyone that you plays drums when stuck in a formal setting. They are classy, slightly adorable, and perfect for any drummer with some style (and french cuffs).

I actually find that when I gig, there are a lot of times I have to dress formally and sometimes wear cufflinks. This little addition is classy, but slightly understated so as to not be too showy.

The links are made of brass and silver. The best part about them is that they aren’t tacky, and they look pretty cool. I’d definitely wear them!

Price: $12.09

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20. Zildjian Cutting Board

buy zildjian cutting boardLooking for a gift idea for a drummer that also loves to cook? Well, look no further because this Zildjian Cutting Board is exactly what they need.

This cutting board looks awesome with the K Constantinople brand engraved in it. Don’t worry about it the board not being recognized since Zildjian is the industry leader when it comes to cymbal manufacturing. All drummers know Zildjian.

The board is a circular shape and measures 10″ around. It contains a juice groove around the outer edge for catching spills, and also comes in some eco-friendly packaging.

This gift is a great idea for any cooking enthusiast that also loves to drum. One reviewer wrote “this makes the kitchen feel like home for any drummer”.

Price: $19.99

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21. Fascinations 3D Metal Drumset Model Kit

buy 3d metal model drum setFans of model building will end up really enjoying this gift. This 3D Drumset Model Kit from Fascinations is intricate and challenging for the model builder, and it looks really neat once it’s constructed.

The kit comes with several metal pieces that assemble together to build a 3D model of a drum kit. When finished, you get to enjoy a fantastic model that you built yourself and sits on your desk or shelf.

This gift is not for the impatient, however. Many of the pieces are very small and require a lot of time and skill to put together. *Note, some of these pieces could be a choking hazard for very young children*

If you’re looking for a gift for a drum player who also enjoys challenging puzzles and building models, this is ideal. Thankfully, it’s also inexpensive, and will make a great stocking stuffer.

Price: $9.90

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Hopefully this list will help you out if you’re looking to get some gifts for that drummer in your life. And if you are that drummer, I hope you get what you’re looking for.

What are some of your favorite drum gifts? Comment down below and discuss!


  1. Taylorsays:

    This is the best blog I’ve come across yet. Thanks for all those sweet ideas!

  2. Taylorsays:

    This is the best blog I’ve come across yet. Thanks for all those sweet ideas!

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    Very nice collection of gift have share to welcome the Christmas Eve of 2017. Christmas celebration not only includes home decorating, vacation but apart from all these gifts makes the Christmas more exciting for kids.

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