Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2 Review – Jojo Mayer

I’m sure you’ve heard about Jojo Mayer’s latest DVD, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2” by now. Jojo is one of today’s top drummers, and definitely one of the best educators out right now. When he puts out any new instructional material, people listen.

This DVD is a sequel to his first in the series titled, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer”, which focuses on a huge array of hand techniques. If you haven’t checked out his first DVD, you probably should (because it’s incredible). But what’s the deal with his second one? Here is a review of Jojo Mayer’s second DVD, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2”.

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Bass Drum Technique Explained

First off, since Mr. Mayer’s second DVD is all about the bass drum, please check out our own quick guide to having effective bass drum technique for a little better idea of what we’re talking about. This DVD goes into great depth about the bass drum, the pedals, and it’s uses and techniques.

In true Jojo Mayer style, everything is broken down very well, has a lot of style, and is easy enough to understand. The instructional video is broken up into 3 separate DVD’s designed to teach and entertain you.

Note: This DVD does not go into double bass drum technique, although you could definitely apply everything learned to it if you wished.

Disc One: Basic Approach to Foot Technique

Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2The first disc in the series discusses basic foot techniques from literally A-Z. While it says basic, don’t be fooled, this is a very comprehensive explanation.

Pretty much every different style of bass drum playing is discussed here. Even if you do not play your bass drum with any of the styles presented, it is still incredibly interesting to learn about how others play.

Ever wondered how some of your favorite drummers play their bass drum pedals, well now you can get a first hand look at what they are all doing.

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Disc Two: A complete History of the Bass Drum Pedal

The second disc may be the coolest one out of the three. Jojo gives a complete history of the bass drum pedal, from it’s inception to how it is today. You may not think it would be interesting, but it really is.

Not only does he give you a history, but he explains in detail how to setup your pedal, and how to adjust it. You’d be surprised what you end up learning about your bass drum pedal by the end of this little history lesson. In fact, after watching the disc, you may feel inclined to go to your drums and make a few adjustments yourself.

Disc Three: HiHat Techniques in Coordination with the Bass Drum

Jojo Mayer DVDIf you thought this DVD would be a breeze, think again. In typical Jojo Mayer style, disc three features a bunch of exercises designed to incorporate the hi-hat and the bass drum together.

Not surprisingly, some of these exercises are brutal to pull off, and will actually take you quite a bit of practice time. Luckily, since you’ve been through the first two discs, you’ll be halfway there since you’ve probably set it up properly, and you understand how to play it properly.

Overall, Jojo’s exercises are fun, challenging, and will definitely get your feet in shape.

Verdict: So Good it Hurts

Here at The New Drummer, we try to review only products that we think are worthwhile for our readers. Jojo Mayer’s second DVD, “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2” fits the bill perfectly.

Just look at the huge amount of 5-star reviews on Amazon. The information is broken down so beautifully, you will forget you are watching an instructional video. And while the DVD is mostly technique based, it is presented in an interesting and challenging way. Even if you don’t play drums, you’ll probably find this stuff interesting.

Of course, you may not be interested in purchasing a physical DVD. Currently, Drumeo offers a very comprehensive online bass drum technique course that you can also check out.

This is definitely a recommended buy, you will not regret it.

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  2. Chrissays:

    Do you happen to know what bass drum practice pad he was using in this video?

    • I’m not sure! Looks almost like a Sabian Quiet Tone painted black. But it looks like it’s also bigger than 14 inches. Maybe it’s a custom build of some sort.

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