This Flowchart Perfectly Describes The Mind of a Drummer

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a drummer? Or what is going on in a drummer’s head during the day time, night time, and any time they aren’t sitting behind a drum kit?

From what we’ve experienced, it usually revolves around drumming. Should I be drumming? Should I be practicing drumming? Should I be drumming louder? Should I be playing faster?

Sometimes the minds of these noble beasts can be harder to understand than your physics homework. But, it really might not be as complex as you think. This new amazing flowchart clearly explains what is truly going on in a drummer’s head most of the time. All we know is that we can’t really find any way to disagree with this…

*Click on the image to view it in full resolution*
Should I be Drumming FlowchartAnd there you have it. A quick glance into the brain of a drummer. Hope you had fun with this one. Drumming flowcharts are awesome!


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