Learn to Read Drum Music – Part 8 – Imaginary Bar Lines

Drummers! Thanks once again for checking out this Learn to Read Drum Music Series. We’ve explored a lot from the basics of whole notes all the way to 16th notes and beyond, dotted notes, time signatures, and ties.

In this post, we will be taking a look at a device that is used to make reading and writing as simple as possible: Imaginary Bar Lines.

Learn to Read Drum Music – Part 7 – Tied Notes

Hey all you drummers! So glad you’ve come back for yet another lesson from my How to Read Drum Music series. This topic has builds upon the last post about dotted notes, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, do yourself a favor and catch up.

In this section we will be adding on to what we’ve learned about note additions, and look at Tied Notes. Tied notes are similar to dots, but have a few extra applications.

Learn to Read Drum Music – Part 6 – Dotted Notes Explained

What’s up Drummers! We’ve made it to part 6 of my How to Read Drum Music series. You have done very well up to this point. We have covered a lot of topics so far, so if you’re here out of order, click the links to see what you’ve missed:

This post will take us back to looking at notes – more correctly, an addition to notes: The Dot